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In the UK, as of June 2019, the NHS had 11,576 vacancies for doctors. It needs 5,000 extra nurses every year.

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I got 3A's and 1B, and I was surprised also... and Swoosh was the only place I can get feedback on my writing and speaking.
Dr. Arsallan (3A's & 1B in OET)
OET passing doctor from Pakistan
She failed first time through self-study and passed second time after joining our course.-- "I am so happy! Thank you so much and I will always recommend Swoosh English course :)"
Dr Nehal (4B's in OET)
OET passing doctor from Egypt
Your teaching and strategies here at Swoosh are very effective. And you can see the result... It's an A!
Buen (1A & 3B's in OET)
OET passing nurse from the Philippines
Thank you a lot for your help! Swoosh did a lot for me. Without Swoosh English, I don't know what to do with this OET exam.
Dr. Elia (4B's in OET)
OET passing doctor from Sudan
I just want to say thank you so much Alex. I felt so frustrated but you helped me a lot and I would never forget your help...
Dr Laween (4B's in OET)
OET passing doctor from Iraq
Since I joined their programme, Swoosh helped me to know more about how to approach a writing task and listening task. The intense training provided by Swoosh helped me to pass my exam.
Shereena (4B's in OET)
OET passing nurse from India

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